View and Edit Your Dropbox Files Quickly with Cirrus

View and Edit Your Dropbox Files Quickly with Cirrus

Have you ever in your Dropbox on the go or when you want to quickly edit a file you want to see? When you’re sure you have the Dropbox app installed on your main computer and you can easily access to the file, but when you’re a public computer, you are prompted for a new computer or your mobile device?

Dropbox website to make sure you, so you have to go to another file and image editing tool for use with a built-in editor, you may want to have. This can be a huge problem and can take a very long time. Instead, why not try a tool that does everything like Cyrus?

Cyrus is an online editor and previewer for the Mobile Optimized Drobpox and popular aviary and Tinymce like web applications that integrate with. While the perfect tool for managing your Dropbox.

Getting Started

You will need to sign up with Cyrus to create a user name and password, and Dropbox to your account to access the services you need.

Then you will be directed back to the home page, where you can see all your folders and files. From here, everything is self-explanatory.

Viewing and Editing Files

Alternatively, you can edit the file menu and “Edit” and click on the link you want to navigate. The “Edit” link is unable to receive notifications for certain file types, it appears that you can only see the Doc and PDF files.

We hope that in the future, because you might not want to change the file type of the user to edit. However, you can edit the HTML files and images, I assume that you can edit the text file will be too.

As you can see, Cyrus HTML editor for easy, useful enough to work. This is a great computer for a quick change.

And is driven by advanced image editor aviary. Edit, enhance and add effects to your images, there are many tools you have. For example, you can crop, resize, stickers, brightness and sharpness to change, add, or draw text, and you can add more.

Viewer powered by Scribd document and you have to zoom out, search through the document, select the text, and scroll to see the type of tile mode, you can not change. In addition, you can print, you can download and view the document in fullscreen mode.

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