Nasa to encrypt data after its latest laptop loss

Nasa to encrypt data after its latest laptop loss

U.S. space agency NASA that its portable computers laptops data loss after another, in order not to be encrypted.When the process is complete, the NASA-issued laptop containing sensitive data from being removed from the employee’s benefits have not been banned.

Order a device “sensitive personally identifiable information” which follows the loss.It has been several similar incidents in recent years.

NASA said the latest incident occurred on 31 October, when the vehicle is locked with a laptop and a document from one of his employees at NASA headquarters in Washington DC have been stolen.

The machine was password protected, but the agency acknowledged that the information is encrypted as it was not to be accessible to hackers.Encryption information, scrambled it to make a complex code that needs to be understood.

As a result, NASA warned workers not to bad message alerts for.

“All employees have a phone, email, NASA or other government sources, it will ask for personal information or verification from people claiming to be from, and other communications should be aware of,” said a company-wide email news site published by Spaceref.

“The amount of information that will be reviewed and must be valid electronic and manually, it will take up to 60 days to identify and communicate to all affected by the breach can for the people.”

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