How to Make Your Readers Stick to Your Blog?

How to Make Your Readers Stick to Your Blog?

Do you know the secret of success in blogging?It’s .. Create your readers stick to your blog and turning them into loyal audience.But more leads loyal readers, visitors and sales you can bring.How to stick to your blog so people can not bring them more visitors?

Make your website navigation easy
First-time visitors can not easily via your blog. They are your best post without any difficulty, first post, and / or any page of your blog should be to find out.

Use archive page to show all your blog posts: Smart use of archives in one place all of your blog posts and then reload the plugin. Just install the plugin archive to create a page and you’re done!

Use excerpts in the home page: Instead of showing the entire blog posts on your home page, you can display excerpts of blog posts. This way you’re not just making people click to your title, but the burden of your site. More than the home page of your content – it is faster to load.

Use pagination: Instead of ‘the elderly’ showing – Do you like visitors to your site if you want your home page pagination (page numbers showing) you can use to navigate. Under this method, each blog page to find out if they have it.

Go mobile This is a must. Your blog’s design is not mobile friendly. A research says that a 50% increase mobiles readers may find new sites. When your site is not mobile, it is very difficult to navigate your site’s content.

Always create attention grabbing headlines

No matter how great your content is, the higher your title, which is one stick on your blog or your site, but leave immediately after landing.

Crafting is the best title to spend time. First, you want the target audience. It is for them to create content and title.

There are 52 samples in your blog post title, enter the title of mind blowing.

Make your font size bigger
When I redesigned my blog recently, it’s more readers (more pages)’s driving.

Most online readers of your blog posts instead of skimming like to read every word.

When someone is out to get you hard, only to find the point of exit from your blog. So let’s look at an opportunity to turn your stylus site is not odor. Always use a good font size. As a rule of thumb, 14 16px always a good font size.

The best SEO is ‘engaging content’
I think the best I’ve used this phrase for the article – are the best SEO captivating content.

I love you when your sole purpose is to bring more traffic to find, because you’ll end up with a large number of keywords in the blog post perfect. When you are content to be heavily optimized for search engines, it is hard for you to digest content to your readers.

The first priority of readers, the search engine.

If you’re still searching for more traffic you want, here are two great ways you can get it without hurting your readers.

1.Quality back links to your article (Posted by guest is, naturally, the links from other sites) Bring
2.Your article on “long tail keywords” used to focus

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