How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

Many of you know about the Internet, it is very expensive. So how do you clean up your online reputation and image control that you get to reflect who you are – or how you perceive a potential employer you want?

A study from Microsoft Research indicates that the online recruiters 70% of the search results that come up around their candidates have nixed. It is very important to your identity online. We tried and true way to clean your rep and then start with a sneakier way to go about it.

Hide and Delete
The Basics: delete all the social networking question Posted – Twitter, MySpace from the old school, and of course Facebook. And my Facebook – you can lock down your privacy settings. To access settings, delete the top-right corner of your main Facebook page, click the drop down arrow, then click on privacy settings. At least make sure your posts are not only shared with friends. Then scroll down through all the settings and make sure you have not seen, read, and listen to the publicly searchable. If you have been tagged in someone else’s picture unreliable – untag, untag, untag. Picture, click Options, select and click on “I want to untag yourself.”

Bury the Bad Stuff
That all the elements you can control, but what if you can not move data across the Internet that there may be sprayed, graffiti and busted back in high school, and it was for the town paper? Or worse, if you went there and it shows me a shout when your name is entered in a search? There are some supporters who tell you to remove postings that person or organization who should be writing letters, but in real life it is quite useless. Instead, the Searchers look at the not to exceed 97% of the first 3 pages from the comfort of search results. If you have a positive or neutral information that is more current or more search engines, by application of negative pressure may result, 97% of the time you’ll win.

Claim your Name
Elements that will create a search engine, the first step is putting your name on high traffic sites are:

**Google: Google’s own site from a lower level to be considered more than others, so Plus to create a Google account, Google Dashboard to manage your profile, and a YouTube channel using to create all of your real name.
**LinkedIn: Create a LinkedIn profile, it is one of the most powerful tools you have in your work reputation. These days, virtually LinkedIn resume and job networking site for professionals.
** This is the big one: buy a domain name for your real name. It is an easy to use blog tools like Blogger or WordPress blog. URL-host your blog is that you can create a unique site. I owner, and I have a site that my current work, links to my social media pages, and does not reflect my room resume. I used Squarespace site created and it is a day I wanted to me that it is looking for ways to get.

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