How The Internet Will Change The World

How The Internet Will Change The World

I still remember my first modem, and Internet access. It was back in 1993 on a 14,400 Kbps dial-up modem. The first version of Yahoo, when it is a directory and search engine is like finding work, and like text-based MUDs used to play games on it. One thing has been clear me to this new technology was impressive.

The Internet has become not only fascinating but pretty useful. Do you know what it is you are probably near the affected part of every single industry and our society from television to music, and to provide education.

What will bring the Internet to the next decade?

All (IoE), where it will be on the Internet context awareness, increased processing power, and greater sensing capabilities: Things (IoT), where we know from the Internet, we are beginning a new state. Add the mixture to the people and information you where the network connection and billions or even trillions, and that was an unprecedented opportunity to create a network to get the silent voice.

Cisco bringing people, processes, information, and things never work together as a network connection is more relevant to the construction of the new capabilities, rich experience, and unprecedented economic opportunities for businesses, individuals, and country information before – and valuable than the IoE as defined by the curve.

Some Internet only point I do not agree that we already have. I think we still need to 5 to 10 years more to that era really in it.

Infographics interesting articles and a lot of insights that can be achieved even though there are a couple, so do not forget to check it.

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