Astronaut uses space internet to control robot on Earth

Astronaut uses space internet to control robot on Earth

Interplanetary Internet is an astronaut for the International Space Station (ISS) has been used to send commands to a robot in the world.
Experimental technology, called disruption-tolerant networking (DTN) protocol, in the future there may be contact with the Mars astronauts.

Currently, if a problem when the data is sent between the Earth and Mars Rovers, data may be lost.DTN is a more robust way to send information over vast distances can.European Space Agency (Esa) and NASA conducted late October.

ISS Expedition 33 Commander Sunita Williams DTN software on a laptop with a pirate control in Germany.DTN similar to Earth Internet, but many delays and obstacles that, when information about planets, satellites, space stations and may be more tolerant shuttling between remote spacecraft.

“It is not about large distances on communication, because ‘normal’ for the Internet that it will take a few minutes before it can be sent to arrive not at all,” said Kim Nergaard Esa from the BBC.DTN was first proposed a decade ago by the surf – the creator of one of the Internet world.

The first test in November 2008, when NASA successfully and a spacecraft from 20 million miles away sent a communication network based on the image.

Space network

The system uses a network node – the connection point – to cope with delays. If you are interrupted, it provides additional information about the node send it to one of the contacts are stored.

This “store and forward” mechanism to ensure data is not lost and gradually work its way towards its destination.

“With the Internet world, if disconnected, the source of everything has been re-sent, or you lose your data,” said Mr Nergaard.

“I have this breakdown DTN tolerance, and that difference – the distance and the type of network we’re talking about has been much more strongly.”

At present, interest in the Crater with the latest filibuster bluster 6 August, NASA and Esa do use “point-to-point communication” is called, Red Planet landed on contact.

“In general, the surface of Mars rover order directly from the earth, or in some cases, spacecraft data relay satellites in orbit using as well – but it’s still considered a single point-to-point communication,” said Mr Nergaard.

“This is as a network -’s built up. Well, the spacecraft orbits the surface of Mars Rovers have several, but they all appear as separate items are.

“The concept is that Mars spacecraft in orbit and it will be considered as a network, in order to allow you to use the Internet network just as Earth you can send things into the future Rovers.

“It’s still the radio waves, but on a different frequency, you used to much higher data rate communication will be allowed.”

NASA’s Badri Younes said the test was a success, and it displayed “a new communication infrastructure of a surface by a robot spacecraft from orbit and send commands back to the robot, you will find images and information from the use of probabilities”.

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