Is Sleeping an Important Aspect Related to Weight-loss?

Is Sleeping an Important Aspect Related to Weight-loss?

You had brought a dress some months ago and you want to wear it for your cousin’s big wedding. You had given yourself five months to lose the extra amount of weight to wear that dress and look like a dream. But instead of inching closer to your fitness goals all you are really rewarded with is a disappointment because those extra pounds simply refuse to go. Aren’t you having those boring bland foods to shimmy in that vibrant dress? You are even refusing dessert in the last few parties you attended. That’s a huge sacrifice for you because you have a pronounced sweet tooth. Also, you are pumping up the iron in the gym quite regularly. Not to speak of those long sweat-inducing lengthy cardio sessions. All those efforts went kaput?ID-100190261

Sleep Controls your Food Habits

Yes, you have got everything bang on losing the extra weight, right from the dietary changes; to exercising to avoiding the oily food stuff that seems to be the stumbling block in your weight loss journey. But have you given sleep the priority it rightfully deserves? No? Then you should start right ahead it is said that a combination of all three can make you reach out to your fitness goals. Diet, sleep and exercise. You leave one out and you won’t shed weight or be that fit person you so desperately wanted one to be.

Poor sleep has a direct relation with Fat Cells

Poor sleep habits are one way of sending signals to your hormones to store fat and that too in the wrong places. Suppose you had a late night party last night or ended up staying in the office finishing all pending work. The result well, not only dark circles under your eyes but also you feel groggy irritatable and deprived of all energy. Throw in a few more sleep deprived days and you fee; like a zombie right. Well, it is not all about how you are feeling only because internally too hormones go haywire and your body does not know how to use insulin, which is known as the master hormone of storage.

When your insulin is in top form it removes all the fat cells from the world the reverse is also true when you are not sleeping well insulin stops working at the optimum level. So The fat levels rise and they all get dumped in the liver. Why that’s not a good thing your insulin sensitivity drops to an abysmally low level and you end up courting diabetes.

It’s all About Hormones

You think sleep really can’t get the better of you can it? No? but lose a few nights of sleep and you end up undoing all the good work you have been doing till now. Yes, there are two types of hormones called leptin and ghrelin. The less leptin is produced the more your stomach feels devoid of food while more ghrelin is produced your hunger is incited even more. And it’s a constant battle of these two hormones. If you deprive yourself of sleep and become sleep deficit. Leptin would be suppressed more and ghrelin would be further stimulated. Also, constant deprivation of sleep can give a spike to your cortisol levels also known as the stress hormone and you feel you are caught in a maze from where there is no respite. After a particularly sleep-deprived night do you feel that you simply cannot resist that chocolate fudge cake which you have resisted the whole of yesterday?

You end up devouring the cake and some more of the food which you thought were meant for you but your resistance power simply ebbs away. Research have substantiated with facts that less sleep almost prompts you to eat more food than necessary and more of the food that is absolutely is wrong for you. Also, your satiety level skyrockets and you feel hungry even after a large meal. The amygdala or the reward region of your brain gives you hunger signals and you devour the first calorie-ridden food you come across.

Exercising Suffers when you are sleep-deprived

It does, doesn’t it? Do you feel like hitting the gym after a poor night’s sleep? You feel dull and the thought of huffing and puffing at the gym makes you wonder how you could just avoid going to the gym and catch up with some forty winks. How does less sleep affect your exercise regime?

More release of the stress hormone cortisol and hence more accumulation of fat.
No rest for muscles and hence growth hormone suppressed.
Tired and irritable you have the almost minimal energy to finish your workouts.
As you lose out on sleep you also lose out on your workout sessions and all your fitness goals go
Blessed Sleep

Sleep almost gives you a new lease of life. The muscles you have exercised hard enough get to rest your tired muscles and you are closer to enhancing fat-burning and give an impetus to anti-aging. So give yourself the benefits of a balanced diet, exercise and a good seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. You are certain to wake up to a new you and also will avoid snoring and sleep apnea diseases.

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