Why You Should Opt For Vasectomy?

Why You Should Opt For Vasectomy?

Vasectomy a common male sterilization (sterilization is permanent form of contraception) procedure to prevent pregnancy (birth control method). Before undergoing vasectomy you should be sure that you do not want to become a father in future, although recanalization/reversal or reverse vasectomy can be done if you change your mind later on and would like to become father again.

Another important thing to be remembered is that, vasectomy do not provide any protection against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases or infections).ID-100177660

What is vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a form of male birth control method. It is a form of male sterilization that cut the supply of sperms in your semen. Vasectomy involve cutting and sealing of vas deferens (the tube that carries sperms from testicles to semen or ejaculate).

What are the advantages of vasectomy or why it is done?

Vasectomy is very safe and effective birth control method for men. At present the most effective and safe birth control method available for men is vasectomy. Vasectomy is the birth control method of choice for men, because,

Very high efficacy. Vasectomy is almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. No other contraceptive method (for males and females) is as effective as vasectomy in preventing pregnancy, with practically very little or no side effects.
Vasectomy can be easily done as outpatient surgical procedure at any clinic under local anesthesia. No stitching or suturing is required, which reduces cost, reduce side effects and make it possible to do as outpatient procedure.
The risk of side effect is very low after vasectomy.
The cost of vasectomy is very low compared to cost of female sterilization (tubectomy or tubal ligation). The cost of vasectomy is less than 20% of the cost of tubectomy. Vasectomy is also very cost effective in compare to other birth control methods available, such as birth control pills, condoms, diaphragm or spermicidal jelly. Not to mention its high efficacy rate. No other birth control method is as effective in preventing pregnancy as vasectomy.
You do not need to take any birth control steps before sex, such as putting on a condom/diaphragm or take a birth control pill every day.
Reversal of vasectomy procedure can be done easily and have high success rate, in compare to tubal ligation reversal, which is potentially dangerous as the risk of tubal pregnancy is high after reversal of tubal ligation. Also success of pregnancy after reversal of tubal ligation is low.
With all the above mentioned advantages of vasectomy, there is no reason not to undergo vasectomy.

However, one should remember that immediately after undergoing vasectomy you do not become sterile. Because there are sperms present in ejaculate/semen for few weeks to months or at least 20-30 ejaculates. Hence, you can be sure of no pregnancy after 20-30 odd ejaculates only. Keep this in mind to make vasectomy 100% successful. In the meantime use a barrier method such as condom during intercourse to prevent pregnancy. To confirm, do a semen analysis to find if there are any sperms in your semen.

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