Importance of a Good Posture

Importance of a Good Posture

Identifying poor posture

It is important to be vigilant towards the signs and the symptoms of improper postures which can be a cause of chronic issues related to;

Digestion system
Circulatory system
Stiff joints and much more.
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Signs of a poor posture

There are various symptoms which are associated with improper postures which can be visible or painful or both. Some of these include, but are not limited to;

Pain in the lumbar region or back in general, which tends to get worse at a certain time
Sudden back pain at new job/desk
Recurring pain that goes away for weeks/months
Neck pain that travels down to upper back/ extremities/ lower back
Pain in a certain position (standing, sitting etc.)
Slouching head forward
Lower back arching
Upper back rounding
Irregular gait / walking patterns
Tilted head/ entire body
Once these symptoms are identified they should be treated accordingly.

Factors that aggravate this condition

There are certain factors that contribute to the back related problems which may include;

Unhealthy habits example sleeping on stomach etc.
Lack of regular exercising
Long hours at desks
Due to the reasons stated above, the flexibility of the muscles and the connective tissues in the body reduces drastically, which results in limited physical activity, inefficient diaphragm, stiffness of bones and other chronic complications. At other times people are simply unaware of the correct postures while sitting, standing or sleeping. The impaired skeletal/bone conditions add more severity to this problem. However, in the current times, those who work for long hours in front of computers in their offices are more prone to these problems.

Preventive measures while at work

These individuals should put their health before work and take the right measures to improve their postures. The monitor should be placed at the right position so that these individuals do not end up slouching. The chairs should be supportive or a pillow should be used to provide support to the lumbar area. Legs should not be crossed and feet should be placed flat on the ground. The individuals should take their eyes off the monitors and get up from their seats at regular intervals to perform stretching exercises, which will help in relieving the stress from the muscles and enjoy an active day.

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