Vaping, Nicotine Levels, and Quitting Your Smoking Habit

Vaping, Nicotine Levels, and Quitting Your Smoking Habit

Vaping is becoming a very popular thing these days however, such popularity does not come with its fair share of detractors. Yes, vaping is getting a bad rap from a few avenues, and some of those who are thinking of making the switch from smoking to e-cigs are having second thoughts because of this. What exactly is the truth about vaping and can it really help a person stop smoking? Is a vape really safer than cigarettes?

If you are a tobacco smoker and you are thinking of quitting but are finding it hard to do so cold turkey, vaping is actually a very effective tool to use for this. Many people who have tried to quit their smoking habit by using an e-cig to do so have actually claimed that they have succeeded in doing so thanks to this alternative. Of course, in order for them to do so, they had to follow a protocol that allows a slow transition that helps prevent withdrawal symptoms.ID-100293616

How to Quit Smoking Using Your Vape

This slow transition involves the use of e-juices that have ever diminishing levels of nicotine in them. This method also involves the use of a vaping device daily, and in lieu of cigarettes. In short, for a person to succeed in quitting the habit of smoking, they have to use vaping strategically and in the right manner. If these steps are not followed, there is a huge chance that your quest to quit smoking may not succeed since these are seen as crucial to the realization of your plans to remove cigarettes from your system.

Some individuals who try to quit smoking by using other substitutes, like nicotine gum or patches, cannot really say that these succeed in making them want to smoke less. This may be because of the fact that along with the need for nicotine is the need for the mannerisms that come with the act of cigarette smoking. This is what vaping provides you with. You continue to puff and inhale a cigarette-like device while slowly weaning yourself of the nicotine that smokers are attached to.

You get to quit smoking without actually suffering from withdrawal symptoms because of the gradual reduction in nicotine intake. Those who succeed in the transition from tobacco smoking to vaping claim that reducing the nicotine levels of the e-juice they use every three months results in them not ever wanting to smoke again a year after they start using e-cigs. They start with e-juices that carry 24mg of nicotine in them, which they then lower to 18mg in 3 months, then 12mg in another three months, until they get to the lowest level which is 6mg.

Safer Than Smoking Tobacco

As for safety compared to cigarettes, there are many studies that show just how many chemicals a smoker inhales when they light up as compared with someone who vapes. While some people may say that vaping can cause what is called popcorn lung, studies also show that this is only true when you use e-juices that carry dangerous chemicals like acetoin, acetyl propionyl, and diacetyl. These are ingredients you should avoid at all costs, and you can do so by checking the labels of your e-cig juices when you purchase them.

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