FAQs About Vasectomy Reversal

FAQs About Vasectomy Reversal

Why vasectomy reversal is done?

Vasectomy reversal is mainly done to reverse/undo vasectomy. Vasectomy reversal is done for various reasons. To reduce the number of vasectomy reversals, a through counselling is generally done before advising vasectomy. The person undergoing vasectomy is generally explained that in some cases vasectomy reversal may fail and hence, only to undergo vasectomy, if he has no desire to father a child in future. The causes of vasectomy include,

Remarriage or loss of a child due to any cause
Change of heart and the person becomes desirous to become a father again for any reason.
Chronic testicular pain that may be linked to previous vasectomy procedure.ID-100302902
How successful is vasectomy reversal?

In most cases vasectomy reversal is usually successful. Your doctor will check your semen for presence of sperms under microscope, six to eight weeks after doing vasectomy reversal surgery/procedure. This is done to check if the procedure (vasectomy reversal) is successful. Generally it takes few months to a year or more for sperms to start appearing in your semen. Your doctor will keep checking your semen for sperms periodically (every few weeks) till sperms appear or until your partner become pregnant. If there is no pregnancy, the only way to know if the vasectomy reversal was successful is to check semen for sperms.

Presence of sperms in semen does not guarantee pregnancy. Because pregnancy depends on various factors such as partner’s age, time passed since vasectomy reversal done etc. The longer the time, generally the greater is chance of pregnancy.

What factors may cause vasectomy reversal a failure?

There are various factors that may lead to failure of vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy reversal may also fail if there is an issue with testicles.
If a blockage develop in epididymis after vasectomy reversal surgery the procedure may fail
If vasectomy reversal is failure what are the options for becoming a father?

There are several ways to become father if vasectomy reversal fails. These options include,

Many individuals go for second vasectomy reversal if first attempt fail.
It is possible to become father by using in-vitro fertilization using frozen sperms (sperms collected during vasectomy procedure can be frozen or they can be frozen prior to vasectomy procedure or sperms can be frozen after vasectomy reversal semen analysis).
If there is no prior frozen sperm available and there are no sperms in the ejaculates after vasectomy reversal, fathering a child is still possible by in-vitro fertilization. In such case sperms has to be retrieved directly from testicles or epididymis.

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