Side Effects of Vasectomy Reversal

Side Effects of Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy disconnects tubes (one vas deferens in each testicles) that carries sperms from testicles to your semen. And vasectomy reversal does the opposite, i.e. it reconnects the tubes that carries sperms from testicles to your semen. If vasectomy reversal is successful (and in most cases it is usually successful, except few cases, where there may be some reason for it), sperms can reach your semen again and you can make your partner pregnant again. The success rate of vasectomy reversal is up to 90% and even if it is not successful, there are various options available to help your partner get pregnant. The success rate of vasectomy reversal is high if it is done shortly after the original vasectomy operation. The longer is the duration of vasectomy, the lesser is the chance of success. But the attempt can always be made, because side effects are few.ID-100261336

What are the side effects of vasectomy reversal?

The risk of serious side effect or risk is very rare. The side effects/risks include,

Infection at surgery site. This risk is always there in any surgical procedure. However, it is rare, because of aseptic precautions taken before and after the surgical procedure. If there is any infection (although rare), it can be managed with antibiotics.
Chronic pain may be seen rarely in testicular area.
Bleeding in scrotum can occur, although not common. Bleeding in scrotum lead to hematoma, which is collection of blood in scrotal sac and swelling and pain may occur. Adequate rest after surgery (vasectomy reversal) can reduce/prevent this side effect. You should avoid blood thinning medications such as low dose aspirin and other similar medications during and after surgery to prevent such complications.
Few things to remember before deciding vasectomy reversal:

The procedure can be quite expensive and you should think about the cost of it before going for it. Health insurance policy you have may not cover this procedure and be sure about it prior to vasectomy reversal. Make financial and other preparations beforehand.
The procedure is best done by an experienced surgeon, who has done many such operations before. Your surgeon also should have good experience and training in using microsurgical techniques. Unlike vasectomy procedure, experienced hand is important for vasectomy reversal surgery for success.
Find out about the surgeon before deciding a surgeon for your surgery. Success depends to a great extent on the experience and training of the surgeon. All these makes the procedure expensive.
If you have any doubt regarding ways to prepare before surgery, always ask questions.

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